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Basement Ventilation System Installations

Replaces the damp, musty, contaminated basement air with fresh, dryer, healthier air from upstairs. Add air purification to kill germs on surfaces for the ultimate indoor air quality system. 

Mold & Indoor Air Quality Inspections & Testing

We do indoor air sampling or a more thorough mold inspection to identify the existence and levels of any harmful contaminants and after reviewing the lab reports, suggest solutions to improve the indoor air quality in your home. 

Mold Sanitizing

We clean and sanitize surfaces that have been contaminated with mold.

Water-Proof & Mold-Proof Coatings

We use a variety of quality materials and applications specific to your needs for basement concrete or block walls and floors to help prevent water seepage and damage or to help prevent mold.  

Air Purification System Installation & Set-Up

Our air purifiers significantly reduces all types of germs and fungus as well as eliminating odors of all kinds, including those from pets, cooking, and smoking.

Basement Concrete Crack Repair

We seal cracks in your basement wall and/or floor to prevent water invasion. Even hairline cracks can allow water in and create problems.