Pure Water Solutions


Hard Water Solution


Calcium and Magnesium in water develops into limescale (caused by Calcium and Magnesium) attaches to plumbing surfaces, heating elements and fixtures, reducing efficiency, causing corrosion and appliance breakdown.


The Smart Descaler® Technology incorporates a built in computer which transmits a continuous dynamic electro-chemical wave signal with unparalleled capacity. This signal provides energy to dissolve limescale, breaking it down into its natural calcium and carbonate ions, which wash away with water flow. The electrical signal induces a chemical reaction, dissolving the limescale. The Smart Descaler signal also prevents limescale from adhering to pipes and water heater and dishwater heating elements, keeping all pipes and water appliances in pristine condition.


City/Town Water Solution


City/Town water can contain Chlorine and other harmful contaminants,


The Quadmaxx system is a compact, whole house system that provides 4 times the purification capacity of carbon filters of the same size.

  • 4x Purification Capacity of comparably sized carbon filters
  • >99% Chlorine Removal
  • >99% Cyst & Parasite Removal
  • Reduction of THMs, VOCs, & other unwanted chemicals
  • Removal of odors & improvement of taste
  • Certified by the Water Quality Association
  • Simple to install and to maintain
  • Results in virtually no pressure loss


Well Water Solutions


Pollutants commonly found in well water include heavy metals, minerals and gases that can cause the water to taste or smell bad, and can be difficult to live with and dangerous to your health.


  The WellMaxx is a compact 3 stage whole house system

  • Removes Up to 3ppm Iron
  • Removes Up to 3ppm Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Removes Up to 1ppm Manganese
  • Removes heavy sediment
  • KDF prevents bacteria and algae growth