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"One-third to one-half of all homes have damp conditions which may result in the development of pollutants such as molds and bacteria, which can cause allergic
reactions as well as infectious diseases."
-US Dept. of HUD

Sources of moisture giving rise to mold problems include pipe leaks and breaks, faulty HVAC and mechanical systems, leaking windows and roofs, water intrusion through cracks in the basement floor and foundation and any other defects that result in wet or damp building materials. According to the EPA, mold can begin to grow within 48 hours. Therefore, property owners must act quickly to find the source, clean up and dry water-damaged areas immediately to prevent mold growth.

Dr. Overholt discusses mold and moisture
concerns and solutions

The most practical approach to limit mold growth is early detection and prompt resolution of excessive or accumulated moisture. If you can see mold or detect an earthy or musty odor, you can assume you have a moisture problem that must be resolved to achieve a permanent solution to arresting mold growth.

Through the following energy saving techniques, the problem of moisture accumulation, condensation, and mold can be addressed and resolved.

Healthier Home Solutions

  • Providing dehumidification to maintain humidity levels at or below 60%.

  • Installing spot exhaust.

  • Increasing ventilation.

  • Installing storm windows or replace windows with more energy efficient windows to decrease moisture on windows.

    Installation of our basement ventilation system will help expel airborne contaminants, reduce humidity levels, decrease moisture on windows and increase ventilation.

  • Inspecting for standing water (e.g. plumbing leaks, leaking basements).

  • Ensuring that storm water is drained sufficiently far away from foundation to control moisture in basements. This may require installing a sump pump and crack repair.

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